Getting Started - using Labs


Waylay platform comes with a simulation tool that you can find on this URL

Data simulations

You can stream data (and optionally store), either one message at the time, or by loading CSV file, simulate continuous stream of data with configured intervals as shown below:


Template testing

For this example, we first created a simple streaming template, which tests for temperature and humidity measurements and sends a SMS if both values are Above given thresholds:


We loaded this template in the simulator and pushed one message that contains these metrics. We can also control should the actuator actually execute (in this case send a SMS), or just report that actuators should have been executed if conditions were satisfied.


Similarly, you can also load a CSV file, and execute the same template against the batch of data. This is very handy if you already have the data logs from machines and would like to test your rules.


In case we are interested in one particular outcome, we can select that row in the table and run the template against that data point again. labs


Simulator also comes with possibility to check logs in real time, such as monitoring the task logs labs

You can also trace what happens at the resource level. labs

Both logging tools come with filtering capabilities.