September 2019 Release


We’re pleased to announce our latest software release:

  • Engine version: 3.23.0
  • Sandbox version: 1.19.0
  • Dashboard: 1.20.1

Release highlights:

  • Housekeeper support
  • Various improvements

Force clear browser cache when you first log in.


Housekeeper is our home grown, multi-tenant, white-labeled dashboard module that works on top of a single tenant Waylay environment. This allows the B2B customers of the Waylay platform to accelerate their time to market for their end to end solution. End customers get an intuitive wizard style dashboard to create graphs, alarms, actuations on top of the Waylay platform. More information can be found on the housekeeper feature page.

Various improvements

Accessing resource meta data in properties

We’ve introduced an easy way to reference resource meta data in the properties of sensors and actuators. The format is “META.$.<meta data key>”. This means that you no longer need to add waylayGetMetadata nodes into your flow. See concept of resources.

Task tags

When creating a task, it is possible to specify tags for the task by which you can, later on, find the task back. You can specify this data in the tags object of the task settings. See task REST API.

Alarm auto clean up

See concept of alarms for an update of the alarm retention policy.

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