October 2020 Release


Release notes

We’re pleased to announce our latest software release.

Release highlights:

  • Python SDK for data scientists designing their algorithms in notebooks
  • Data Query Designer and data query sensor will significantly simplify the design of periodic rules that process multiple metrics
  • We have a new module: the provisioning portal. This is our zero-coding portal to provision device meta data and tasks for technicians.
  • Channel payload converters can configured to use Velocity templates to extract useful data out of the raw data payloads from your IoT platforms before it is sent to Waylay Broker
  • Azure EventHub support in Waylay Channels allows you to connect to Azure IoT Hub or Azure Digital Twin
  • Waylay Dashboard 2.4 with various small improvements based on our customers’ feedback

Make sure to force clear your browser cache when you log in.

New features

Python SDK

The Waylay python package is a python client software that lets interact with the Waylay platform out of your favorite notebook tool.

Take a look at this: Python SDK

Data Query Designer

The Time Series Query feature helps you define and use complex data sets composed from the time series data that was ingested by the Waylay platform.

More information: Data Query Designer

Provisioning portal

This new licensable module is now available for everyone. This is our zero-coding portal to provision device meta data and tasks to be used by technicians on-site.

Take a look here: Provisioning Portal

Channel Payload Converters

Using Apache Velocity template technology, you can now (optionally) assign a converter script to a Waylay Channel (MQTT, Azure, AWS, …). In this script you can transform the data or extract useful data before data is pushed to the Waylay environment.

More information: Payload Converters

Azure EventHub Channel Support

If you have an Azure IoT Hub or an Azure Digital Twin environment, you can use our Azure EventHub Channel to forward the data to your Waylay Environment.

How to use it: Azure EventHub Channel

Waylay Dashboard 2.4

  • Alarm timeline on the Time Series Widget

There is a new feature in the Time Series Widget that shows alarm triggers below the time series.

More information: Time Series Widget

  • SCADA widget BETA

There is a brand new widget that allows you to link metric values or meta data values of resources/devices to objects in an SVG image.

Take a look here to see some nice use case: SCADA widget

  • Small Waylay Dashboard updates:

    • Configurable hamster icon on the landing page
    • Showing unit of a metric in the gauge widget when the unit is defined in the metric meta data
    • Configurable action frequency when creating a task
    • Info widget Markdown extensions to iterate over children of group, see Info Widget
    • Alarm widget can now show alarms from multiple types
    • Friendlier wrapping of device names in the navigation tree
    • Bulletin widget can now support up to 10 metrics
    • Via drag and drop the position of top level and sub level groups can be adjusted

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