May 2020 Release


Release notes

We’re pleased to announce our latest software release of our Waylay Dashboard.

Release highlights:

  • Main new features
    • Global alarm view dashboard
    • starting a Waylay template as a task from the Waylay Dashboard
    • Creating periodic alarm tasks
    • Dashboard template library on group level
    • Add your own services/actuations
    • Alarm calendar view
  • Usability improvements
  • Bug fixes

Force clear browser cache when you first log in.

New features

Starting periodic tasks


In some industrial applications, the data received in Waylay is coming in as batches. For example, you can have an industrial gateway that sends data batches every 10 min to waylay and every data batch contains 1 min granularity datapoints. These datapoints are stored in the Waylay Time Series Database. You can now use the Waylay Dashboard alarm wizard to instantiate periodic tasks such that the user can express the following logic:

  • raise alarm and notification when the average temperature for the last 15 min is higher than a threshold value
  • raise alarm and notification when the max value of the temperature in the last month is higher than a threshold value

Available input fields are:

  • sampling group by: grouping of the datapoints, e.g. group by 1 min will group all datapoints received within that minute and apply the sampling aggregation. This value must be smaller than the periodicity of your task.
  • sampling aggregation: aggregation of the datapoints grouped by the ‘sampling group by’ setting, e.g. calculate the max over all datapoints received in 1 minute. For a 30 min task periodicity, this sampling aggregation will create 30 values.
  • aggregation: final aggregation after the ‘sampling aggregation’ to get 1 value that can be compared to a threshold, e.g. calculate the max value over all 30 sample aggregations.
  • minutes: the periodicity of this periodic task, e.g. every 30 minutes means that the task will calculate an aggregation value for the datapoints received in the previous 30 minutes.

Starting a Waylay template as a task from the Waylay Dashboard


If you go to the Task tab, the organisation admin can manually launch a Waylay template for the device/resource that is selected in the tree. The list of available templates for the organisation can be defined by the Tenant admin when editing the corresponding organisation and selecting the available templates.


Dashboard template library on group level


We’ve extended our dashboard templating capability to support group level dashboard templates. You can now store dashboards on a group level and apply them on different groups.

Add your own services/actuations


A tenant admin can extend the list of available actions for alarms by adding actuators to the list of available services for a particular organisation.

Alarm calendar view


When clicking the alarm tab, you will see a new view next to ‘List’, ‘Cards’, ‘Hierarchical’: ‘Calendar’. This calendar view shows when alarms were initially created and when they changed state on a calendar month or week.

Global alarm view dashboard


The tenant administrator can use the Alarms tab to create a global alarm view for all the devices across all organisations.

Various smaller features

The following smaller features have been added:

  • When saving a dashboard as a template, the dashboard global aggregation options are now saved too
  • When you create a group using the tag querying mechanism (which auto-populates the children), you can now select every tag that’s present in the complete tree, not only of the children of the group.
  • The view only user can download time series widget data as a CSV file
  • Support for ‘Global’ timeframe in aggregation widget
  • Dashboard grouping per 4 weeks and grouping per 7 days is now supported

Usability improvements

  • Type to filter metrics list in widget wizard
  • Time series graph supports an option to label and mark the data point
  • ability to edit value mappings in widgets
  • We’ve added a ‘delete all users’ button for archived orgs
  • Dashboard print now prints the dashboard tree location in the header of the page
  • You can now change the parentId from a group via the CONF tab if you want to relocate the group as a subgroup under a different parent in the navigation tree
  • If you set a device/resource alias, the alias is now also shown in widget legends and the floor plan
  • We’ve added a button to collapse the tree navigation

Bug fixes

We fixed the following bugs that were reported:

  • If some fields of an actuator have a default in services, and are hidden to the user, these are not filled in when a task is created. This results in a broken actuator/task. This is now fixed.
  • Bulletin widget timestamps are now in 24h format
  • View only user map tiles loading is fixed
  • CONF tab no longer removes special characters in meta data values when storing
  • You could not edit a task when there is no alarm yet. Now you can.
  • Pauzing and deleting tasks from the Waylay Dashboard was broken. This is fixed.
  • Alarms on resources that are very deep in the navigation tree were not displayed. This is now fixed.

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