April 2020 Release


Release notes

We’re pleased to announce our latest software release.

Release highlights:

  • Bring Your Own ML module
  • Arm Pelion Device Management channel

Force clear browser cache when you first log in.

New features

Bring Your Own Machine Learning (BYOML)

If you already have a Machine Learning or home grown Python algorithm developed and trained, there are multiple ways how you can integrate such a model with the Waylay rules engine.

In all cases, you need a framework that can host your pre-trained model. This can either be Waylay itself or via an external service like AWS Sagemaker or Azure Machine Learning.

Interested? Take a look at this: BYOML

Arm Pelion Device Management channel

We have now made it even more easy to integrate Waylay with your Arm Pelion Device Manager instance by providing an Arm Pelion Channel in Waylay.

For more information on how to make the connection between your Waylay instance and Arm Pelion, see the Arm Channel. Once the Arm Pelion channel is up and you’ve created a webhook in the Waylay platform, your device data will be flowing into Waylay automatically.

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