UsageStatsThreshold v0.0.8

Sensor to check Waylay usage metrics.

Supported services and metrics are:

  • sandbox: executions
  • nativePlug: executions
  • broker: messages
  • broker: datapoints
  • webscripts: executions
  • resources: count
  • analytics: totalMs

Required parameters:

  • threshold
  • service: one of sandbox, nativePlug, broker, webscripts, resources, analytics
  • metric: executions, messages, datapoints, count or totalMs(see above)
  • timeZone: timezone to use to determine begin of month (default: UTC)

If the specified metric could be successfully retrieved, the value is added as consumption in the rawData

Required properties:

  • threshold
  • service
  • metric
  • timeZone

External Settings:

  • waylay_stats
  • waylayToken



Raw data:

  • consumption (double)