SageMaker v0.2.24

SageMaker endpoint invoker.

Used to invoke a SageMaker endpoint run on the AWS platform.


  • Not Collected: Indicates that no results are ready be due to an error.
  • Collected: Indicates that a request was made and the results are ready to use.

Raw data

  • data: This will contain the result returned by the SageMaker endpoint.


  • endpoint: The name to the SageMaker endpoint, not the complete url.
  • observations: The object with observations formated in the way that SageMaker endpoint expects.
  • contentType: The MIME type of the observations.

Global settings

This sensor makes use of default values defined under the sagemaker_config key within the Global Settings of your Waylay Console. This object should look like this:

    "region": The region in which the SageMaker endpoints operate,
    "role": IAM role that has permission to use SageMaker (the user specified with the key-secret pair should be included in this role's trusted entities,
    "key": They key for the AWS account,
    "secret": The secret for the AWS account