predictionSensor v1.1.4

by Dylan & Thomas

provides forecasts for a time series

  • resource
  • metric name of the metric configuration
  • params overrides for the analytics option configuration (see below)
  • Computed if predictions are available
  • Not Computed otherwise
Raw data returned
  • predictions list of prediction values. The size of the prediction window depends on the analytics option configuration, defaults to 10 predictions
  • last_observation last observation before the predictions
  • first_prediction first prediction

you must have TS Analytics package to run this sensor.

Before using this sensor, configure the analytics options for this metric using the analytics dashboard. Alternatively you should give a complete option configuration in the params section. See apidoc on how to specify options.

Required properties:

  • resource
  • metric
  • params

External Settings:

  • waylay_analytics


  • Computed
  • Not Computed

Raw data:

  • predictions (object[])
  • first_prediction (object)
  • last_observation (object)