mandrillMail v1.0.18

mandrilMail Actuator

Sends email using the mandril api.

  • from: Email address the email is sent from (make sure you have registered the domain with mandril)
  • to: Email address the email is sent to
  • message: Contens of the email
  • subject: Subject of the email
  • reply (optional): Reply-to email address
  • send_at (optional): Specify a date and time when the email should be sent (as a UTC timestamp in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format)
  • pdfURL (optional): Link to pdf that should be attached
  • MANDRILL_KEY: The mandril api key (we do not recommend to fill in the api key as plaintext use, declerative binding in combination with vault)
# Required properties: - `from` - `to` - `message` - `subject` - `reply` - `send_at` - `pdfURL` - `MANDRILL_KEY`