isParameterAvailable v1.0.2

Verifies if the node has returned a given rawData parameter. If exists, it will return YES as a state with raw data of that node in response, otherwise it will return back state NO.

Input parameters are:

  • node for which we want to check the if the raw parameter is available
  • parameter of the rawData response or JSONPath expression

Examples of parameter entries: rawData : { “hello” : {
randomValue: 5, state: “True” , array: [“hello”, “world”], items : [{ name :‘vele’}], data: [{temperature:21}, {temperature:24}] } } and input parameter can be something like this (they would all return YES):

  • randomValue
  • state
  • array contains hello
  • items[?( == ‘vele’)]
  • data[?(@.temperature === 21)]
  • data[?(@.temperature &gt 21)]

Required properties:

  • node
  • parameter


  • YES
  • NO

Raw data:

  • value (double)