executeQuery v1.1.10

executeQuery Sensor

Get the data as specified by a certain data query.

You can specify a window, from and until to control the time frame that is fetched. When doing so, keep in mind that you are able to specify only 2 out of these three, else they will overwrite each other, resulting in unexpected behavior.

The removeTimestamp property will remove the timestamp from the data and columns when it’s value is ‘true’.

The columnwise property will make the data return columnwise when set to ‘true’. By default the data will be returned rowwise.


  • queryName: name of the query to execute.
  • window: the window of data to get, optional.
  • from: the timestamp from which to start getting data, optional.
  • until: the timestamp up until to get data, optional.
  • removeTimestamps: whether timestamps should be removed, optional.
  • columnwise: whether the data should be returned columnwise, optional.


  • Collected: The results are collected and available.
  • Not Collected: Something went wrong and the results are not available.

Required properties:

  • queryName
  • window
  • from
  • until
  • removeTimestamp
  • columnwise


  • Collected
  • Not Collected

Raw data:

  • data (object[])
  • columns (object[])