Using relations between objects in the rule

Here we are first creating a truck that has 6 tyres. This is the object definition in meta:

  "id": "car1",
  "F_R": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre3"
  "R_L": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre1"
  "M_R": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre6"
  "M_L": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre5"
  "F_L": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre2"
  "R_R": {
    "$ref": "/resources/tyre4"


In the rule, when we start a task for the truck, we reference every tyre data by $META.$.referenceObject . In this example, we are showing the node settings for META.$.M_L image

This is how we start a task (data for different tyres will be dynamically processed by different nodes) image