Salesforce API integration


Waylay now offers various sensors and actuators that interface via oAuth2 with Salesforce. This allows you to construct business rules in Waylay that interact with the Salesforce ecosystem for e.g. creating cases, updating cases, reading properties of assets, get account information etc.


Setting up the Salesforce connection


You need to grant your Waylay environment access to your Salesforce environment. We use the oAuth2 mechanism to connect. if you have Admin rights to your Waylay environment, you will find via the ‘Channels’ tile, a button to set up the connection to Salesforce. You will be redirected to the authentication page of Salesforce. You have to log in with your Salesforce credentials and allow Waylay to access your Salesforce environment. From now on, all Salesforce sensors and actuators in your Waylay business rules will interact with your Salesforce environment over a secure and authenticated channel.

Example Use Case: Predictive Maintenance

We assume here that you have pre-created a Customer Account (e.g. SmartEngineCompanyX) and an Asset (e.g. EngineX) in your Salesforce environment. In this use case, Waylay will monitor the data coming from this Asset and proactively create a customer service Case.


In Waylay, the business rule will

  • try to find the right Asset and retrieve the Asset properties from Salesforce
  • create a new Salesforce “Case” with diagnostics results (e.g. “Mechanical problem”) and recommended action (e.g. “dispatch field engineer”)


You can download this rule from our github repository:

More about the out of the box Salesforce sensors and actuators here