Device tracking and geofencing

We have introduced a Map widget for device tracking.

visualize_location visualize_location_map

You can also create geofences and alarms on geofences. The creation of a geofence can only be done by the tenant admin and must be done manually on the Waylay platform. Each geofence must

  • Be a resource of the type ‘geofence’
  • Have a human friendly name (this will be displayed in the Waylay Dashboard), e.g. ‘Ghent’
  • Have a meta key ‘geoshape’ and appropriate value. We support polygon and circle geoshape values:
{ "type": "circle", "coordinates": [ 51.2194, 4.4025 ], "radius": 10000 }
{ "type": "polygon", "coordinates": [ [ 51.089091, 3.606198 ], [ 51.110157, 3.869108 ], [ 50.995344, 3.878717 ], [ 50.995685, 3.628888 ] ] }
  • Be assigned to a particular ‘customer’, i.e. the organisation name
  • (optionally) have a ‘color’ in hex format, e.g. “#ed87ad”

The Map widget will always display all geofences created for a particular organisation. The organisation admin can now create an alarm on the Map widget for a particular device and geofence.

map_alarm_1 map_alarm_2

When you create such a geofence alarm on the Waylay Dashboard, a geofence rule will be instantiated on the Waylay platform. This rule will use the geofenceSensor