Waylay Dashboard Branding


It is possible for your end customer to visit the Waylay Dashboard as a user and have a branded experience.

What we offer

As below we show what can be branded with a “demo” URL for the purpose of example.
The branded experience does not mean that any reference of Waylay will be gone. It is to have a reference of your brand using the Waylay platform.

Branded hostname:

  • Dashboard URL:

dashboard URL

  • Login URL:

login URL

Branded login screen:

  • Login page:

login page

  • Title and favicon:

title & favicon

Branded user registration and password reset:

  • User registration:


  • User password reset request:


ℹ️These mails will be sent from the “no-reply@waylay.io” address

What we require:

When a branded experience is desired for your customers, you can put in a request through our Zendesk with the following:

  • logo (png / svg / jpg / …)
  • favicon
  • title name