Housekeeper Dashboard

What is Housekeeper

Housekeeper is a multi-tenant, white-labeled dashboard application on top of a single tenant Waylay environment. With Housekeeper, end customers (typically the customers of Waylay’s customers) get an intuitive and wizard style dashboard to create graphs, alarms, notification tasks and actuations.


Why Housekeeper

Housekeeper addresses a number of limitations usually found in open-source visualization tools and comes with the following capabilities:

  • Integrated user/role management with the core Waylay platform,
  • Access to device meta data, ability to set or use friendly names for devices, or change thresholds for running rules that are derived from the meta data.
  • Create alarms and instantiate tasks/rules for notifications
  • Flexible device grouping in logical groups with tree based navigation
  • Trigger commands on devices


We assume you already have a Waylay account and Waylay environment ready to connect to, and have also requested a hosted version of the dashboard. The Housekeeper dashboard environment can then be added to your Waylay hosted environment. There is no limitation on how many Organisations you can support on your Housekeeper instance.

After contacting our support team, you can use the Waylay environment admin account to configure Housekeeper for your customers: e.g. create Organisations and users, create graph dashboards, per Organisation brand the dashboard, create alarms and actuations, etc.


Housekeeper comes with the following features:

  • Self service organisation definition: a Waylay tenant admin can log in to Housekeeper and create “organisations” for each of the customers. An “Organisation” is a group of users that share a set of devices and a dashboard. Each organisation can have one or more organisation admins that can group devices and build dashboards.

  • It supports logical grouping of data and devices, mapped to the business context for each Organisation

  • Self service user account management: user, role and permission management is integrated with the Waylay platform. Organisation admins can create log in usernames and passwords for their users. Only tenant admins can create organisation admin accounts. Each account can only belong to one organisation.

  • Flexible and dynamic grouping of devices and tree based navigation

  • Drag & drop wizard for a statistics page per device or per group with a wide variety of widgets

  • View, add and edit device and group meta data: e.g. set tags, friendly names, …

  • Site map visualisation for device localisation

  • Geographical map for device localisation and geofencing

  • Command executions on devices

  • Self service threshold crossing alarm creation with notifications (sms, email, …) on device metrics.

  • Organisation specific service enablement and organisation specific settings, including task quotas and meta data whitelisting

  • Overview of alarms and clear/accept/acknowledge alarms

  • Sharing dashboards between Organisation admins and their users, dasbhoard import and export


A prerequisite for Housekeeper to be able to detect the right devices and their capabilities is to have the right information in the device/resource meta data in the Waylay environment:

  • Each resource must have a “customer” meta key and value. The value must correspond to the organisation id.
  • Each resource must have a “metrics” meta key and value. The value must have the following format. The definition of these metrics will be used by the graph widgets in Housekeeper. [ { “unit”: “”, “valueType”: “”, “name”: “”}, … ]
  • If a resource supports commands, there must be a “commands” meta key and value. The value must have the format defined in Waylay Commands

Branding capabilities

The Waylay tenant admin can define

  • The housekeeper dashboard icons and favicons per organisation
  • The preferred language
  • Housekeeper URL (one per Waylay environment - to be set up by Waylay Devops)