Device tracking and geofencing

We have introduced a Map widget for device tracking. If the device has longitude and latitude metrics in the Waylay Time Series Database, then this Map widget can be used to visualize the location and trajectory of this device.



You can also create geofences and alarms on geofences. The creation of a geofence can only be done by the tenant admin and must be done manually on the Waylay platform. Each geofence must

  • Be a resource of the type ‘geofence’
  • Have a human friendly name (this will be displayed in the Waylay Dashboard), e.g. ‘Ghent’
  • Have a meta key ‘geoshape’ and appropriate value. We support polygon and circle geoshape values:

    { "type": "circle", "coordinates": [ 51.2194, 4.4025 ], "radius": 10000 }
    { "type": "polygon", "coordinates": [ [ 51.089091, 3.606198 ], [ 51.110157, 3.869108 ], [ 50.995344, 3.878717 ], [ 50.995685, 3.628888 ] ] }
  • Be assigned to a particular ‘customer’, i.e. the organisation name

  • (optionally) have a ‘color’ in hex format, e.g. “#ed87ad”


The Map widget will always display all geofences created for a particular organisation. The organisation admin can now create an alarm on the Map widget for a particular device and geofence.



When you create such a geofence alarm on the Waylay Dashboard, a geofence rule will be instantiated on the Waylay platform. This rule will use the geofenceSensor