Google Cloud IoT Channel

Google IoT Core integration

To connect Waylay to your Google IoT Core environment via Google Cloud Pub/Sub, you have to specify the following settings


  • Topics: the Google Pub/Sub device telemetry topics you want Waylay to subscribe to, e.g. ‘/projects/quiet-mechanic-140114/topics/waylay-office’ will listen on updates of all the Google IoT devices that belong to the Google IoT device registry ‘waylay-office’. We will fetch the device id via the attributes of each device telemetry message. This means that the device id that is used in Google IoT core will also appear as resource id in Waylay.

    • Multiple topics can be filled in separated with a ‘;’.
    • see screenshot below where to find the Google Pub/Sub telemetry topic that corresponds to your device data events
  • Application Credentials: upload your service account API credentials configuration file. See

  • Note: you can (optionally) use Payload Converters to convert message payloads before they are sent to Waylay Broker.