Azure Event Hub Channel

Azure Event Hub integration

To injest data in Waylay coming from an Azure Evenhub, you will need to setup a shared access policy with at least the ‘listen’ rights. This shared access policy comes with a Connection String that is required to setup a connection in the Waylay Connector.


If you have the connection string available, you can use it to create a new Azure Eventhub connection with it.


  • Configuration name: Unique name to identify the connector

  • Connection String: Azure Connection String from your Azure Event Hub SAS Policy

  • Connection String: (Optional) A consumer group, default is $Default

  • Note: you can (optionally) use Payload Converters to convert message payloads before they are sent to Waylay Broker.

Azure IoT Hub integration

To receive data from your Azure IoT Hub Devices, you’re able to route these messages to an Azure Evenhub and subscribe to it using the steps above. Each Iot Hub also comes with built-in Event Hub by default.