Arm Pelion Channel

Arm Pelion integration

To connect Waylay to your Arm Pelion Device Manager, you have to configure the following settings:


  • Arm Pelion API Endpoint: your Arm Pelion API endpoint, e.g. “
  • Arm Pelion API Key: your personal Arm Pelion API key
  • Device name selector: Device selector string. Waylay will pre-subscribe in Arm Pelion a Waylay webhook to this list of devices. You can use "* " wildcards and multiple entries separated by " ; ", e.g. * or /corpA/*;/corpB/0f95*
  • Webscript endpoint: the URL of the Waylay webscript that will be called when new data arrives. See webscripts.
  • Webscript key: key needed for Arm Pelion to authenticate to Waylay to execute the Waylay webscript (optional). See webscripts.

An example webscript can be downloaded from our github demo repository here

Check out our instruction video on how to configure your Arm Pelion channel:

How to create a Waylay Dashboard

General note: If there is no data coming in within 48 hours to Arm Pelion for the devices that your Waylay Arm channel is listening on, the Waylay webscript registration is silently removed by Arm Pelion. If you have connected a device after this window of 48 hours, then this device data will not arrive at Waylay. You can solve this by clicking Pause & Restart the Arm Pelion channel in Waylay ‘Channels’.